Securised payment

Démocratie accepts various means of payments:


  •          Credit cards: VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS


Securised payment system with Card and Visa

3D Secure provides a secure method of payment when you purchase online.

3-D Secure is the internationally recognized cardholder identification for online credit card payments. When you shop online using American Express, Mastercard or Visa, 3-D Secure is used for cardholder identification and therefore provides additional security.

3D Secure is an authentication process for online card payments and offers holders of cards with 3D Secure capability even greater security for online purchasing. By asking for a personal security code, it ensures that only the cardholder can conduct the transaction. The security query is seamlessly integrated into the payment process and takes only seconds. You can purchase conveniently and quickly with confidence in the high security standard of 3D Secure.

Your advantages with 3D Secure


  •   Security: In addition to today’s already effective data encryption at the transfer stage in the payment process, 3D Secure goes one step further. The cardholder is authenticated by being prompted for a personal security code.
  •   Fraud prevention: Potential fraudsters cannot make purchases from our online shop using your credit card data, because they would not get past the authentication process.


Verified by Visa Mastercard Secure Code


Verified by Visa is a service that guarantees you additional security when shopping online. Verified by Visa lets you confirm your identity, giving you greater protection when shopping online. It’s convenient and you use your current Visa credit card. You register your card with your credit card issuer just once and choose a unique personal password.

It’s simple to use: whenever you shop online with a participating merchant, a window provided by your card issuer pops up.


- You'll need to enter your card number + expiration date + security code (on the back of the card)

- bank will send a code via sms or email to the card owner

- you will have to enter and confirm that code as request on the payment pages

- as the code is confirmed payment will be validated and order will be final.

For more information, contact your card issuer/bank, or go to the Visa Europe Website: shop safely online – worldwide and around the clock!



Be sure we are using all necessary protection to insure security and confidentiality of all transaction processed on our website.

The website is under protected mode of payment SSL (Secure Socket Layer) / 3D secure which allows the encoding of your banking co-ordinates during their transmission over Internet. As indicated by the the padlock symbol which appears in your navigator, all transmissions are encrypted. Wether payment is made by our webaffair systems (processed by French bank Credit du Nord) or through Paypal, we do not store or transmitt information provided during the transaction.

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