Back in 2011, two Parisian globe-trotting sisters, Kimo and Diana decide to recreate the family business, initially a bookshop, and rename it Démocratie. In 2017, they launch their first e-boutique, finally offering the "Démocratie concept" to worldwide fashion and lifestyle e-shoppers.

The fusion of their diverse experiences (record store clerk for the elder while her sister honed her tastes and skills in Parisian mainstay Colette) and enthusiasm to explore the evolution of style under any form united them around this project of a store. It is place which they wanted to be free-flowing and as singular as their experiences.

With great basic items, some assertive and original pieces, everything meshes well with the interior design of the store, heavily influenced by the industrial flavour of the Parisian Halles. We can find a selection of clothing brands from all over the Globe, as well as shoes, jewelry and accessories that are items that both owners need to fall in love with. The price range also remains reachable for everyone. It is what stamps the audacious and singular spirit of Democratie in the landscape of Parisian fashion boutiques.

Spotlighting a healthy dose of exclusive brands as well as young creative and contemporary labels, Democratie is a real drugstore of style and culture where everything is chosen according to its originality and design.

It is the instinctive combination of all those influences, both within fashion and music that give our place a democratic approach to your Parisian shopping experience. The scepter is the emblem of Démocratie, as a way of turning us all into kings and queens in the evolution and the expression of our styles and sensibilities.

"I am one of those democrats who believes the goal of democracy is to bring each men to a state of nobility."

                                                                                                                                                Romain Gary

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